Fic: Got Me Floating, Got Me Flying (Blaine/Sam, PG-13)

Title: Got Me Floating, Got Me Flying
Author: Lissa (glitterdammerung)
Cheerleader: Katrina (drblaine)
Prompter: Pink (honeysuckle-pink)
Prompt: Bi-curious/questioning Sam and a Blaine who’s a little bummed out that Kurt’s dating again. The prompt was for smut, but I stopped pretty short, sorry, Pink. :)
Rating: PG-13 at best.
Word Count: 2500
Summary: Sam wants to know what it’s like to kiss a guy, and there’s only one guy he knows who might be able to give him a hand.
Author’s Note: I’m not ready to dive into Blam-smut and maybe never will be, but when Pink prompted this I found myself at least ready to dip my toes into some making out. Title is from ‘This Kiss’ by Faith Hill.

It started when the two of them were the last ones left behind in the astronomy room after the Student Council meeting.

"I don’t understand how I’m supposed to plan a prom with this budget," Blaine muttered, scratching more items off of his decorations list. "They’re not even taking into account the helium shortage or the rising cost of good quality glitter -"


He ignored Sam, scribbling a note to himself to text Kurt later for budget decorating suggestions. “I am never letting the girls talk me into theming events after romantic movies ev-“


Startled, Blaine glanced up from his paperwork and blinked at his friend. “Sorry. Yes?”

"We’re friends, right?" Sam perched on the edge of the desk with a wary air about him, as if he were prepared to take off on a moment’s notice. "Like over these last few months, you and I, we’re kinda buds."

"Uh, yeah." Blaine nodded and shrugged up a shoulder, a little puzzled that Sam had had to ask. Of course they were friends. Sam had been the pillar of relative sanity Blaine needed to cling to as he learned how to stand on his own two feet. They went to comic shops early on Wednesday mornings to pick through the new arrivals. They had a weekly ‘Culture Exchange Night’ where Blaine taught Sam some of the more useful clothing tips and tricks he knew and Sam schooled Blaine in ‘Call of Duty’ (it wasn’t that Blaine didn’t play video games, it was just he usually went in more for ‘Fable’ than ‘kill everything’). Yeah, it was safe to say they were friends.

"And…" Sam wouldn’t meet Blaine’s gaze, fiddling with a loose thread at his shirt hem that Blaine had been trying to surreptitiously trim for the last thirty minutes. "Uh, friends ask each other for favors, right?"

Blaine shoved the paperwork aside. Clearly this after school Student Council planning session was over. “Sam. Come on. What is it?”

Sam fidgeted for a minute longer before turning pink, taking a deep breath, and blurting out, “Would you uh…wanna kiss me?”

"That’s your idea of a favor?" Blaine asked incredulously before he thought about it. "Shit. Wait. No. I didn’t mean it like that. Sorry. You just kind of took me by surprise."

"It took me by surprise, too," Sam mumbled, getting to his feet and shoving his deep in his pockets while he started to pace the astronomy classroom. "I mean, I’ve always been into girls, right? And I’m still into girls. But there’s this thought that’s been in the back of my head since I was stripping."

"Okay…" Blaine wasn’t sure where this was going, and he hoped Sam would explain it pretty concisely and soon, because his brain was still shortcircuiting over the original request and couldn’t spare the capacity to figure this out alone.

"We’d have one night a week that was guy’s night, right? And a lot of the guys didn’t want to work it. You can figure why." Sam shot him a glance from under his bangs.

With effort, Blaine nodded. “Yeah.”

"But I didn’t care. I mean, guys tip guy strippers pretty good, turns out, and I needed the money. It wasn’t like I was stripping because I was super into it, so it didn’t matter who I was taking my clothes off for." He shrugged. "So no big. Until I had to give my first lap dance."

"Is that legal?” Blaine’s brain was definitely not firing on all cylinders. “Weren’t you underage?”

"Not according to my ID." Sam winked. "Anyway, lap dances pay more than floor shows so, you know, no brainer. Except…"

Blaine caught the extra huskiness that edged Sam’s voice. “Except?”

"Except I liked it." Another veiled glance from under his bangs. "Like. A lot. Like I went back stage and I had to, uh, take care of some business. If you know what I mean."

Now Blaine’s mouth was dry and his heart racing as he pictured Sam backstage at some skeezy club, maybe in half a fireman’s uniform, hand in his pants and - “I know what you mean,” he croaked, grabbing for his water bottle to hide his sudden attack of nerves. He took a long, long drink as Sam went on.

"But that wasn’t all. Like, you know, when I first came back here I was living with Finn and Kurt, right? And - uh, not to be crass and stuff, I wasn’t listening in on you guys on purpose but the walls in that house aren’t all that thick, you know?"

Remembering several occasions during which Blaine and Kurt had had to turn up the TV to stifle their laughter at the noises coming from Finn’s room, Blaine felt his cheeks go hot with embarrassment. “Oh, wow. Sam, I’m - I-“

"No! Dude. It’s no big deal." Sam’s whole face was a brilliant tomato red. "I mean. It was okay. Kinda interesting, you know? I’m not gonna lie, there were times it kinda got me…" His face went even redder, to the point where Blaine was concerned he might pass out. "I mean, you know."

If Blaine had been worried about all the blood rushing to Sam’s face, he was now doubly worried about the amount of blood now rushing to his own groin region. He probably shouldn’t have worn these particular skinny jeans today, he thought absently as he adjusted himself with as much discretion as he could muster, thanking God when Sam turned his back to examine an outdated poster of the solar system. But how could he have known this conversation was going to be a thing that would happen?

He took several deep breaths until he felt he had himself under control. “So…so you think you might be bisexual?”

"I dunno." Sam kept his head down. "But I don’t wanna ignore the possibility if it’s there."

"And you want to kiss me?” Blaine tried to imagine it and his brain just wasn’t going there.

"You’re the only gay dude I know, you’re good looking, you’ve got experience, you’re my best friend, and you and Kurt agreed to see other people and all," was Sam’s rather surprisingly logical reply. "I don’t know, man, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I figured you were a really good place to start."

It was the ‘you and Kurt’ comment that did it. The reminder that Kurt had met someone. When they’d made the agreement, there’d been a part of Blaine that didn’t really think anything of it. Didn’t think either one of them would really bother trying to date, they’d just work on their separate issues and eventually get back together and everything would be great.

And then. Paul. Blaine’s stomach still did a sad little flip of jealousy to think about it. It had been yet another in a series of hard life lessons he hadn’t wanted and was tired of getting.

He swallowed hard and looked up at Sam, over whose face he could see the cloud of rejection falling. “Blaine, never mind, I’ll just -“

"No." Blaine held a hand up and mustered as big a smile as he could. "You’re right. We’re friends, and I know this is a big deal, of course I know. I want to be there for you, Sam." He looked around the classroom. "But not here. Are you busy tonight?"

Sam blinked, looking stunned. “N…no…”

"Me neither." Blaine’s mind was racing as he warmed to the idea. If Kurt could see other people, then why should Blaine NOT help out his friend with a matter so important? It was just kissing. No problem. It’d be fun. "It’s a Friday and my parents are out of town again. Why don’t you come to my place around 8?"

A hopeful smile started to light up Sam’s face. “Sounds great.”

And oddly enough, Blaine thought, it really did.

When the doorbell rang, Blaine had to hold himself back from lunging for it. He’d been standing in the foyer for about ten minutes already, obsessively wiping his damp palms on his jeans while he waited. But he didn’t want to look, you know, eager.

He let the bell peal one more time before taking a deep breath and stepping slowly forward to pull the door open to see Sam Evans standing there looking as nervous and awkward as Blaine felt. And with a potted cactus in his hands?

"This felt kinda like a date," Sam confessed, looking sheepish. "If you were a girl I’d have brought flowers, I don’t know. It just felt weird showing up without anything."

"Uh. Yeah. Okay." It made as much sense as the rest of today had, why not. "Thanks. Come on in, we’ll find a place for it." Stepping aside, he held the door open to let Sam in, taking one last opportunity to wipe his free hand dry. “Thanks for coming.”

Sam glanced back over his shoulder, an odd look on his face. “Uh…you’re welcome?”

Blaine felt his face burning again. “Here. Um, give me that, I’ll go put it somewhere. Maybe you can go pick out a movie for us to watch?” He’d tried all afternoon to solidify the plan of attack for tonight, but he just didn’t know what to do. Sam was right, this did feel like a date, but it wasn’t. But it seemed crude and clumsy to just launch into kissing. Sam was legitimately exploring his sexuality, just like Blaine had with Rachel, it wasn’t something you wanted to handle with all the subtlety of throwing bricks.

“How’s ‘The Avengers’ sound?” Sam called from the living room. “Did you see it in the theater?”

“Of course I did,” Blaine scoffed, setting the cactus on the counter and opening the fridge to get a couple of soft drinks. “Coop was in town, we went to see it together. Kurt wouldn’t…” He shook his head to avert the train of thought. “We had a great time. It was great. Pepsi?”

“Sounds great.” Sam was lounging on the couch already and cast a grin over the back of it to Blaine as he entered the room with their drinks. He seemed determined to put Blaine at ease, to treat this like any other night – something Blaine appreciated even though it seemed like maybe it should be the other way around. “I ate dinner, but I figured we could order a pizza if we got hungry later. Sound good?”

“Sounds great,” Blaine echoed, handing Sam one of the soda cans and plopping down on the sofa with a grin, trying his best to relax. To let things happen, organically. A moment would arise when they were least -

In a smooth motion, Sam pulled the other soda can out of Blaine’s hand and set it on the floor, leaning over to get close to Blaine’s face, not so close that either of them went cross-eyed, but absolutely closer than their normal acquaintance usually called for. “Listen, we’re both feeling pretty weird about this.”

“Yeah…” Blaine breathed, swallowing a little as he blinked into Sam’s eyes, which were intent, bright, full of an extra helping of his usual determination.

“How come we don’t just get it over with and then we can watch the movie?” Sam suggested, his mouth quirking up in a smile.

All Blaine could do was nod.

Slowly, like he was trying not to startle Blaine, Sam lowered his head, closing his eyes seconds before their lips met, touching hesitantly at first, the taste of cherry Chapstick on his lips making Blaine stifle a hysterical giggle.

Not stifled enough. Sam pulled back, surprised. “What?”

“Nothing! No. Sorry. Just…” Blaine couldn’t help but grin. “Cherry Chapstick. I had a kind of reverse, uh, Katy Perry moment.”

A frown creased Sam’s brow for a moment as he tried to figure out the joke, but when it hit he threw his head back and laughed uproariously. All the tension dissolved as he sat back and grabbed his stomach laughing, and Blaine couldn’t help but join in.

His smile was so bright, his laugh was so infectious. Blaine felt himself relaxing and warming into the moment, the curiosity and butterflies from earlier in the afternoon returning as he watched his friend calm down and remembered him talking about what he’d done after his first lap dance.

Biting his lip, Blaine leaned forward, shifting up onto his knees and scooting closer to Sam, whose laughter finally faded into a lazy smile as he watched Blaine’s advance. “Try again?” Blaine asked in a whisper, keeping his gaze as steady as he could manage.

This time, it was Sam who could only nod.

Again, the press of warm, mobile lips. Again, the taste of cherry Chapstick. But this time instead of laughter bubbling in Blaine’s chest, it was a spreading warmth of want, the first true want he’d felt in months. And those curious bright butterflies took flight again as he nipped at Sam’s bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth for just a moment before cupping Sam’s face in both of his hands, stroking his thumbs over those high cheekbones while he dipped and tasted and fell in.

He felt hands skimming either side of his waist, slipping up under his shirt and along his ribs, strong hands unlike any others that had ever touched him, callused fingertips from guitar playing, rough palms from so many caught footballs and lifted weights. The mouth moving under his was wide and mobile and warm, the breath on his tongue tasting like soda and cinnamon gum and a little bit of mouthwash.

It was like being kissed for the first time all over again. And it felt clean, warm, comfortable like his favorite hoodie fresh out of the wash.

He’d been guided so that now he was straddling Sam’s hips, could feel Sam rising hard in his faded jeans as they kissed and let hands wander, Sam’s fingertips dipping just under the back waistband of Blaine’s jeans, Blaine’s hands exploring the feel of strong collarbone under soft cotton t-shirt.

When they broke apart, they were both a little shaky with nerves and excitement, Sam letting out a low laugh that rumbled his chest under Blaine’s palms. “Wow.”

Blaine sucked in a breath and let it out, shaking his head with his own small laugh. “Uh…yeah. Wow.” He struggled to compose himself. “That was…”

“Good. That was good.” Sam’s hands dropped away down to the couch as he grinned up and Blaine. “Yeah. That was good.”

It felt like Blaine would never be able to stop smiling, which was a more than pleasant change from all those months when he felt like he might never smile again. “Just good?” he asked, bracing his hands against the sofa back on either side of Sam’s head, quirking up his eyebrow in mock skepticism. “Really?”

“Well, I dunno, Blaine,” Sam drawled, smirking a little and reaching for him again. “You only kissed me once. I think you’re gonna have to give me a little more to go on.”

Yeah. All right. Blaine could do that. Oh, boy, could he ever. And with a broad smile, he did.